Lock Down Load

The standstill or worldwide lockdown is changing all our lives at the moment. Digitalised media for communication and entertainment are currently making it easier to handle everyday life which is becoming more and more relevant. In this context, the photo artists Max Füllbier and Florian Albrecht-Schoeck have created a virtual 3D exhibition space. This exhibition expands weekly with artistic works, positions and rooms.

The exhibition starts with photographs by Max Füllbier and Florian Albrecht-Schoeck. Both photographers use daily situations and scenarios, which they photograph in their urban environment, to focus attention on complex social and political issues. The pictures of the first exhibition room and more information about the persons are available in the first room of the exhibition.


Das Konvolut

The project 'Das Konvolut' is an interactive webspace, designed as a virtual gallery for artists. The project will allow them to display a vast variety of their work, whether it be two or three-dimensional. In its core, Das Konvolut is a step into a new form of art exhibitions. Free for everybody who wants to participate, with the possibilities to show not just pictures of the work, but the work as a three-dimensional thing itself.

If you want to be part of this and display your work, feel free and get in touch!



Foto Toolbox - Experimente mit Fotowerkzeug

Landesprogramm Kultur und Schule Leibniz-Gymnasium Essen
Maike Voshege und Anna Traskalik

Differenzierungskurs 9 2019/20

Mit Arbeiten von: Amar Akpürcek, Jannik Antkowiak, Charly Bahr, Julia Bankaoglu, Feride Erdem, Louisa Fillbrandt, Hannah Fischer, Can Gencer, Simon Heinisch, Lejla Ivanis, Eyüp Karakaya, Baran Kaya, Lea Kohn, Lara Kozak, Madita Klauer, Naoufal Mahouti, Anna Mamikonyan, Fabienne Oertgen, Lena Pfrötzschner, Rinesa Qoraj, Zohal Qurbani, Kaoli Reynoso, Helin Seker, Zara Soylu, Melina Speck, Conner Weber, Annika Westerholt, Becky Wirth, Amelie Wite